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Urgent Liquidation Auction of Namibian Table Grape Farm


A once-in-lifetime opportunity has arisen – table grape farmers or those looking to enter the industry can purchase a table grape farm in Namibia. This farm, in liquidation, must be sold!

In total extent of ±770 Ha, this operational farm is in the premium growing area of Aussenkehr, Namibia. The farm capitalises on the advantages that the location and climate offer for table grape growing – the fact that harvest can happen before other large table grape growing areas, and the higher quality grapes that are produced and then made available to the export market at higher prices. The farm has a state-of-the-art packing facility which has a capacity of 2.8 million cartons per annum.

The farm is to be sold on Liquidity Services SA’s marketplace AllSurplus.com, via an urgent online auction. This will be a fully transparent sale closing on 09 March 2023 whereby, on signature of a non-disclosure agreement, interested parties will have access to all production and financial reporting.

At the beginning of November, the Aussenkehr climate perfectly suits the early ripening of grapes. This allows the farm to capitalise on having their stock in the supermarkets early, accounting for approximately 50% of the pre and post-Christmas market. Prices tend to be higher earlier in the season, meaning that farms in Aussenkehr tend to achieve better grape prices than farms that harvest later in the season. Namibian grapes compete directly with those grown in Upington and Limpopo in South Africa, and although they can be harvested at similar times, the Namibian grapes have shown to be of higher quality and thus more desirable in the export market. The superior quality of the grapes is largely due to favourable weather conditions and reduced exposure to viruses and pests which are commonly found in wetter climates.

Farm Aussenkjer No. 147 will be sold across 3 different sales on behalf of various entities in liquidation. Sale 1 will include all portions and will include the crucial packing facility, table grape vineyards, plantable land and undeveloped, irrigable land with water rights. This sale will be followed on the same day by a second and third sale, including portions thereof. Sale 2 will include the packing facility, table grape vineyards and plantable land. Sale 3 will include table grape vineyards, plantable land undeveloped and irrigable land with water rights. All sales will have various agricultural movables, support equipment/buildings and staff dwellings.