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N$180 000 for Brahman cow


Agra Auctions have this year achieved the highest prices for a Braham cow and bull calf.

The record sales achieved N$180 000 for a Brahman cow and N$95 000 for a 16-month-old bull calf.

Loraine van Heerden, the breeder for Lorden Brahman expressed gratitude to Agra’s auctioneering services, which she has been using since 1987.

“I am also very happy with the prices achieved,” she said.

During the auction, the average price for heifers was N$30 855, while the average price for a cow and a calf was N$45 688, the average price for a cow was N$57 425 and for a bull the average price was N$31 408.

Sidney Martin, the buyer of the two record sales expressed satisfaction on the quality of animals sold by Lorden Brahman.

“I have been buying from Van Heerden for years now and since I plan on venturing into the Brahman stud, I will make use of the best quality animals.”