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John Deere Rolls out the New generation forage harvester


Deere rolled out five new self-propelled forage harvesters with the new 8000 series. The machines offer a range of convenience features, an enhanced kernel processer and high-tech on-the-go feed analysis tools all in one package. The machines use DuraDrum cutterheads and KernelStar technology for corn silage processing. There’s also the AutoLOC (for length-of cut) feature that allows the operator to dial in the exact cutting length based on forage conditions.

Two cutterhead widths, matched to horsepower, are available. All-new header solutions and crop-flow layouts increase flexibility among different crops. And larger 42-inch tires reduce compaction while providing added traction and ground clearance. The company claims improved performance while cutting fuel consumption up to 18%. The five models including the 8100, 380 hp, John Deere 9-liter engine; 8200, 430 hp, John Deere 9-liter engine; 8400, 540 hp, John Deere 13.5-liter engine; 8500, 585 hp, John Deere 13.5-liter engine; and the biggest is the 8600, 626-hp with the John Deere 13.5-liter engine.

The new machines feature a range of enhncements for easy change out of the Kernel processor, easy maintenance access to the crop engagement area and more. Add in the Harvest Lab system that can analyze what you harvest on-the-go, a precision inoculant application system that applies by the ton to help save product and yet make better feed, HarvestDoc software and the link to FarmSight and John Deere is making a forage statement.

The high-horsepower tractor market will see a host of innovations for 2015 and mainly from a single player as John Deere rolls out the new 9R series machines for next year. That introduction leads a long list of products announced during a dealer event that’s running in Milwaukee, Wis., for the next two weeks.

Media got their chance to see the equipment and what a sight they got to see. The introduction includes not only that move in the high-horsepower segment, but a significant move in the hay and forage market, mid-size and compact tractors and even in tillage equipment.

The gallery that follows is a quick look at what we saw today, expect more in-depth discussions of the new equipment and the features offered in the days ahead.

This photo gallery offers you a look at the hottest products along with the information we have so far on products to be released next year. That means pricing is not yet available for the items listed, but if you want to know more visit: www.johndeere.com