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New Gravely vehicle for heavy-duty jobs on the farm


The Atlas looks a bit like a small truck, and that was the goal, according to J.W. Washington, regional manager at Ariens. You’ll see the Polaris influence in the vehicle’s design – Gravely said the front end resembles the Polaris Ranger; while the back end looks more like the Brutus. And the chassis is an elongated frame, making the vehicle between 128 and 165 in. long, depending on the model.

Ariens, the company you may recognize for its lawn, turf and snow management tools, has made a major statement with the launch of a new work vehicle under its Gravely brand. It has entered into the work vehicle market with the new Atlas JSV, or jobsite vehicle, and they say they’re carving out a subcategory in the utility vehicle space by taking ownership of the “JSV” name. And agriculture is one of their target markets.

The Atlas is the result of a partnership with Polaris. Dan Ariens, CEO, Ariens Company, said Polaris looked at a few different companies before selecting them for the new vehicle; they saw Gravely as an up-and-coming brand. Polaris’ manufacturing capabilities were combined with the Gravely brand and styling over the past two years to develop the end product.

The JSV is being marketed as a purely commercial product, which is a step away from Ariens’ reach in the homeowner markets with its lawn care and snow handling products. The hauling capacity and heavy-duty aspects of the machine are key reasons agriculture is a good fit for the new vehicle. The Atlas made an appearance recently at the SunBelt Ag Expo, where it was on display with a large hay bale mounted in the rear jobbox.

To get a more in-depth look, the media headed to Louisville this week to see the Atlas in action and take prototype models for a test drive. Browse through as we show you the specs and demonstrate how it performed. You’ll be seeing the vehicle at more farm shows starting next year.

Four models are available in the Atlas lineup: The EFI Gas JSV-3000 (sits three) starts at $12,999; the EFI gas crew JSV-6000 (sits six) starts at $14,799; the diesel JSV-3000 starts at $14,999; and the diesel crew JSV-6000 starts at $16,999. The Atlas will start shipping to dealers within the next few weeks. Visit gravelyatlas.com for more information