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Vermeer rollout offers new balers, tech


The new Catapult CPX9000 bale processor is designed to process and distribute forages for feeding. Shown here on the way out for a demonstration, with its chute closed, the CPX9000 has a potential dual role for Vermeer. First, it’ll be a way for livestock producers to “deliver” bale feed and fodder to cattle in a livestock building. Second, the machine will have an industrial application for construction businesses that need to distribute straw and chaff in seeding applications – such as highway embankments.

Companies innovate to keep moving ahead in the market and this year Vermeer is rolling out a few innovations in time for 2015 that many growers will find valuable. The rising income tide in the livestock market couldn’t come at a better time for this company where hay and forage making are big business.

While Vermeer has a big industrial business, agriculture remains an important line for this company that introduced the first commercially successful round baler in 1971. Today forage- and hay-making tech gets plenty of attention for the company.

This gallery offers you a look at the new tools rolled out for next year, and a look at one machine that got a lot of attention from dealers during a major company event. The trip to Pella, Iowa, was enlightening too as the company shared their succession strategy so the third generation Vermeer family member can start taking the reins of this $900 million company.