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Game Farming Possible in Zambia


The Zambian Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) says there is a possibility of game farming for human consumption in Zambia.

ZAWA spokesperson Zacks Kalembwe said the authority was working on guidelines to help people promote game farming in Zambia.

“The process is quite slow when compared to countries like South Africa but it is very possible,” Mr Kalembwe said.

Mr Kalembwe said ZAWA had recently conducted an auction of a Sable animal at Chungu Farms to encourage people to venture into game farming.

Mr Kalembwe said different animals had different growth rates and, therefore, had different maturity levels which meant that they were going to be ready for consumption at different times.

Zambia Wildlife Producers Association of Zambia chairperson Don Stacey said there was still great potential in the game farming industry in the country although the process was slow.

He said game farming would create employment and stimulate Zambia’s economic growth.