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Poultry bigwig sets eye on SME development


Namib Poultry has invested N$1.2 million into a skills development programme by setting up a training facility aimed at developing skills in the informal business market.

Earlier this week, Namib Poultry launched their training centre at their chicken farm. The Minister of Industrialization, Trade and SME development, Hon. Immanuel Ngatjizeko during the launch emphasized that skills development is very important and works in line with Namibia’s Vision 2030 goals.

“As a result I applaud Namib Poultry for its committed efforts to meet government half-way with respect to skills development, targeting more especially the informal sector so as to improve their business operations and enhance their performance,” said Ngatjizeko.

The training facility will be used to educate and enhance skills within the economy and will also facilitate training to the informal market’s kapana vendors. The training sessions will consist of different categories; outlet development, provision of outlet equipment, promotions to boost confidence, customer education and demonstrations.

“Subsequently, we hope that this initiative will also contribute towards addressing the issue of youth unemployment, accelerate skills development and impact productivity not only in the informal sector but also in the entire SME sector,” he said.

The minister urged other stakeholders and the business community at large to join hands with government and support similar initiatives as well as invest in SME development programmes to ensure that women and the youth are involved in the economic drive.

“In all these categories, we have found a way to develop our customers, to help their SME businesses, educate our consumers and develop a skill-set that is already being used on a daily basis and in everyday life,” said Jacobus Henn, the poultry production company’s Market Development Manager.

The development programme was initiated in 2013 with a start-up investment of N$74,966 for the financial year of 2012/13, which increased over the years to N$570,242 for the 2015/16 financial year, bringing the total to N$1,287,874. Meanhile the company currently employs about 650 people