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Enough grazing land for Uuvudhiya


Uuvudhiya councillor Amutenya Ndahafa says the region has enough grazing land and water to feed livestock till the next rain season.

The Councillor has attributed sufficient grazing land water to improved rainy season received last year.

Over the years, Uuvudhiya has become a popular grazing destination for farmers from Oshana and nearby regions.

The influx of livestock saw the area run short of grazing space and water, leaving thousands of livestock to die in hunger and thirst.

“We had sufficient rainfall this year hence we still have enough grass and water to last us until the next rainy season,” said Ndahafa.

Apart from livestock survival, Ndahafa said unlike in the past, the residents in the constituency have also had a better harvest and as such have sufficient food.

Besides those who had a bountiful yield, he said the San in the constituency are taking the strain in efforts to fully integrate into the system of cultivating their own food.

“Generally, the situation has improved. We only have the few San that we give drought relief when it is available,” said Ndahafa.