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Local biomass plant set to boost Nam agro-processing industry


Project Manager of the pilot biomass production plant, Gilbert Boois believes that the project will boost Namibia’s agro-processing industry while also creating jobs for the logistics industry.

A pilot biomass production plant outside Otjiwarongo, commissioned earlier this month, is expected to source a considerable volume of raw biomass (wood chips) and semi-processed biomass (wood pellets) from neighbouring farms to produce processed biomass in the form of bush-based animal feed and clean charcoal to export to global markets.

The Walvis Bay Corridor Group said the long-term impact of this plant to the economy sees two viable industrial value chains stemming from encroachment bush.

“The bush-based animal feed and environmentally clean charcoal (biochar) produced at this plant aids the growth of Namibia’s agro-processing industry creating sustainable jobs for the logistics industry as well,”Boois said.

The biomass plant originated from consultations between the Walvis Bay Corridor Group and the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, under the auspices of Ministry of Industrialisation and Trade, in an effort to pursue industrial value chains in the agro-processing sub-sector.

The discussions with United Nations Industrial Development Organisation and the trade ministry culminated in developments in the biomass industry, notably on the bush processing value chain in Namibia, supported by the Government of Finland, Ministry of Agriculture, Water, Forestry and Land Reform and the Namibian Meat Board.