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Hope Flows Eternal: Landmark Project Tackles Water Woes in Angola and Namibia


Good news for parched communities in southern Africa! A collaborative project, aptly named “Enhanced Water Security and Community Resilience in the Adjacent Cuvelai and Kunene Transboundary River Basins,” has been officially endorsed by Angola and Namibia. This ambitious initiative, valued at US$11 million, marks a turning point in the fight against water scarcity, floods, and droughts that plague the Cuvelai and Kunene River basins.

Backed by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and spearheaded by the UNDP, this project brings together a powerful team. The Global Water Partnership Southern Africa (GWP-SA) will lead implementation, working alongside established regional bodies – the Cuvelai Watercourse Commission (CUVECOM) and the Permanent Joint Technical Commission (PJTC).

The urgency is clear. The Cuvelai and Kunene Rivers are lifelines for Angolan and Namibian communities, but these basins face a perfect storm of challenges. Extreme fluctuations in water availability, coupled with the ever-present threat of floods and droughts, paint a grim picture. Climate change throws gasoline on this fire, jeopardising not only water security but also the socio-economic well-being of the region.

This project, however, offers a beacon of hope. By fostering a collaborative and integrated approach, it aims to revolutionise the way these precious water resources are managed.  Imagine a future where Angola and Namibia leverage their combined strengths to improve water governance, build resilience, and pave the way for sustainable development.

“Water security is a shared responsibility that transcends borders, shaping the future of entire regions,” says John Cole, a sentiment perfectly captured by this project.  The signing of the agreement signifies a resolute commitment from Angola, Namibia, and their partners to achieve water security and bolster community resilience. It’s a testament to collaboration and innovation, uniting diverse stakeholders in a quest for lasting change.

The project’s impact will be far-reaching. Look forward to improved catchment management practices, upgraded water treatment and distribution facilities, and a much-needed boost to economic development and diversification. Additionally, the project will prioritise research, ensuring the region is well-equipped to combat the challenges brought on by climate change.

This is a historic moment, not just for Angola and Namibia, but for all of southern Africa. It’s a celebration of collaboration and unwavering commitment, a testament to the unwavering pursuit of a water-secure and resilient future for the region’s people.