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Grape farming hit 89% growth


Grape packaging and farming company Achill Island Investments Pty Ltd has received the title ‘Namibia’s fastest-growing company of 2023’. The company achieved a compound annual growth rate of 89% between 2018 and 2021, and it was also announced as such by global statistics company Statista as part of its Namibia’s fastest-growing companies reports.

This report was published in April; it looks at how companies generate jobs and sustain market competitiveness. Achill Island Investments produces, packs, markets and exports table grapes, and has planted 345 hectares of table grapes to date.

The second fastest-growing company spot was Silverlands Vineyards Pty Ltd, another agricultural company that produces, packs, exports, markets and distributes its grapes and dates. The business has 330 hectares of table grapes and has added a date palm division with 39 hectares currently planted to be expanded to 64 hectares this year.