Home Business First candidates from the Greenhouse Operations Training program graduate

First candidates from the Greenhouse Operations Training program graduate


Deborah Walliser, the founder of Got Produce Global, expressed her excitement about the graduation of the first five candidates from the Greenhouse Operations Training program during a ceremony at the Got Produce Global hub in Swakopmund recently. Walliser personally congratulated each graduate and presented them with well-deserved certificates. She emphasized the critical role of a skilled workforce in shaping the future of agriculture, stating, “One of the bottlenecks in the industry is having a ready workforce for the new future of agriculture. With our local hub, we can prepare a workforce to build and operate high-tech hydroponic greenhouses.”

Also Got Produce Global officially launched its Ag innovation hub in Swakopmund. This facility will serve as a biosecurity seed bank and breeding centre.

The Got Produce Global innovation hub will focus on research and development, advanced crop production methods, comprehensive crop variety testing, and workforce readiness learning programs specifically tailored to hydroponics.

In addition to its commitment to innovation and technology, Got Produce Global places a strong emphasis on biosecurity. The new biosecurity seed bank and breeding centre will safeguard valuable genetic resources, protecting the biodiversity and long-term viability of crops against potential threats.

As part of the company’s expansion plans, Got Produce Global is currently constructing a larger commercial greenhouse, which is expected to double the production capacity of the entire country and further strengthen food security in the region. This ambitious project reflects the company’s dedication to addressing the challenges of agriculture and ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future for Africa.