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NNFU facilitate adaptation to global climate change factors in Rundu


Rundu recently witnessed a pivotal two-day training organised by the Namibian National Farmers Union (NNFU) as part of the ongoing Conservation Agriculture program spanning three years across the Zambezi, Kavango East, and West regions.

Highlighting the initiative, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology in the Kavango East region emphasised the program’s objective to impart novel farming methods and essential skills to communal agricultural practitioners. They stated, “This project endeavours to empower farmers with updated approaches, aiming to enhance crop yield quality, alleviate poverty, address hunger, and facilitate adaptation to global climate change factors such as reduced rainfall, soaring temperatures, and unsuitable soil for agricultural purposes.”

Leevi Hamutenya, one of the active participants, lauded the training for broadening his understanding of diverse ploughing techniques and contemporary seed-planting methodologies.

Latoa Hamutenya, serving as the workshop’s facilitator and an Agriculture Technician in the Ministry of Agriculture, Water, and Forestry, urged all farmers to adopt the conservation agriculture approach for elevated productivity and improved quality output.

This crucial initiative received funding support from the Southern Africa Science for Climate Change and Adaptive Land Management, underlining its significance in advancing sustainable agricultural practices and supporting local farming communities.