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Meatco and Namport to Join Forces to Export Namibian Beef to International Markets


By Glenn-Nora Tjipura

Meatco recently revealed that it has signed an agreement with Namport to use the port of Walvis Bay to export Meatco’s premium beef products to international markets such as the United States, Europe, China, Norway, and portions of Africa.

Speaking to Namibian Farmer, Rosa Hamukuaja-Thobias, the Manager in Stakeholder Relations and Corporate Affairs at Meatco said,” We feel we need to enhance our commitment more so now that we have embarked on new markets, one of which is the West African market, so that there is more efficiency in the logistics process when we are exporting our beef to other markets”

The company said Namport will secure direct mainliner vessel connections to a majority of the destinations that Meatco is expanding into hence guaranteeing the shortest time to market and the preservation of Meatco’s products.

“The MOU is just our commitment that we want to continue using Namport as our key hub connector, or as our key logistics spot, so that our product can reach the market at the right time as required by our customers,” states Rosa.

The agreement specifically focuses on ensuring the seamless, efficient, and cost-effective handling of Meatco’s products and jointly exploring new opportunities and the development of new technologies and facilities.

During the signing of the agreement, Meatco’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mwilima Mushokabanji, said the agreement signifies overcoming logistical challenges many African countries face and will help Namibia’s beef penetrate newly established West and Central African markets.

The company also said that the MOU will also focus on training in accordance with systems and processes related to ITC platforms, hardware, and software operating systems.

“So we are really excited about this, we have all along have been exporting via Namport, now we are embarking on new markets and we just feel, once this MOU is formalized it’s going to let the state-owned enterprise be more efficient and with better collaborations, “says Rosa.