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Meat Board donation aids producers


The National Disaster Fund has received a donation of N$6 million from the Meat Board of Namibia to aid the livestock producers of an impact resulting from the terrible drought in the country.

At the recent event held, Chairperson of the Meat Board, Patricia Gurubes mentioned that the amount donated could aid with marketing of approximately 7500 head of cattle and 37500 head of small stock.

According to Patricia, the donation is in accordance with the mandate of the Meat Board of Namibia as provided for by the Meat Industry Act of 1981 which is to promote the interests of the meat industry of Namibia both in and outside Namibia.

“In line with the mandate, recent activities of the Meat Board of Namibia are assisting the Directorate Veterinary Services, financially to maintain export markets, to draft protocols to move beef from north of the Veterinary Cordon fence to south of the Veterinary Cordon fence – an important step to develop the local market for beef produced from north of the Veterinary Cordon Fence, to repair the Veterinary Fence and Namibia Botswana Border fence, assisting the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry with the recommissioning of the Katima Mulilo export abattoir, etc.,” Patricia said.

Patricia added that the funds thus need be used for the payment of Livestock Marketing Incentives, being one of the drought mitigating measures approved by Cabinet.

Meanwhile, Patricia further added  that the Board has since extended its appreciation to Cabinet in reaching a decision to suspend the Sheep Marketing Scheme for one year and is embracing, together with the industry the opportunity provided for by Cabinet to formulate solutions to maximally add value within the country.

The Meat Board of Namibia has a role and function of promoting a favorable environment for the sustainable production, market growth, diversification of livestock, meat and meat products.