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Namibia is set to redefine agricultural innovation


Namibia is set to redefine agricultural innovation with the establishment of a state-of-the-art AgriTech hub by Got Produce Global, a leader in agricultural technology.

Situated just outside Swakopmund, the facility is poised to become a pivotal biosecurity seed bank and breeding centre, setting new benchmarks for the agricultural industry in the region.

The inauguration of the Got Produce Global innovation hub marks a significant milestone in agricultural research and development.

The hub will concentrate on pioneering crop production methods, extensive crop variety assessments, and specialized training programs in hydroponics, equipping the local workforce with the skills necessary for the future of high-tech agriculture.

Deborah Walliser, the founder of Got Produce Global, celebrated the commencement of the hub’s operations by honouring the first graduates from the Greenhouse Operations Training program.

She stressed the importance of equipping a skilled workforce to navigate and excel in the evolving landscape of agriculture.

“This hub represents more than just technological advancement; it embodies the vision of a sustainable and secure food future for Africa. Utilizing sophisticated technologies like artificial intelligence and robust data security, Got Produce Global intends to revolutionize the agricultural sector, making it more productive, sustainable, and fortified against external vulnerabilities,” she said.

Walliser said that the company’s commitment to biosecurity is at the forefront of the new endeavour near Swakopmund.

The new seed bank and breeding centre are designed to preserve critical genetic materials, ensuring the diversity and resilience of crops against emerging threats.

With plans already underway to construct an expansive commercial greenhouse, Got Produce Global is on track to double its production capacity.

According to Walliser, the venture is a testament to the company’s resolve to confront agricultural challenges head-on, promoting sustainability and securing a prosperous future for the continent.

Got Produce Global, a United States-based public benefit corporation, is at the vanguard of privatized food security and supply chain solutions, specializing in ground breaking hydroponic innovations.

Through its forward-thinking approach and steadfast commitment to sustainability, the company is steering the course of global agriculture towards a more secure and environmentally conscious horizon.