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Farmers told to produce more mahungu and maize


Government has challenged framers to work hard and produce more food.

John Mutorwa, minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, speaking at a two-day Expo in Rundu urged farmers to intensify productivity in mahungu and maize fileds.

“Of course we can depend on others for other things but the production of food, first and foremost, must be the responsibility of a particular country and its own individuals, farmers,” said Mutorwa.

He urged the nation to consider farming, as another source of revenue.

“You consume and for the surpluses you sell you get money so that is growth at home – we must first grow at home in our household and then in our country as a whole, add value and export to get foreign exchange.”

Mutorwa also told farmers to utilise dry or rain fed land crop production programme which assist farmers with subsidised inputs like seeds, fertilisers, ploughing, planting, weeding and ripping services.